When a patient walks into your private practice, they are not only believing in you to assist with their mental healthcare needs, but they are entrusting you with their very private personal and health data. No one should know better than a therapist just how important this trust can be between therapists and their patients.

Rather than worry them needlessly by using software and programs that aren’t HIPAA compliant, set their minds at ease with the promise of safe, secure methods to help build better patient engagement. Their private data can also always be just a click away, organized to your satisfaction, but without running the risk of being compromised.

Always make certain that all of your software is HIPAA compliant. It should offer therapists the features that they need, while also providing their clients with the assurance that they deserve.

You have heard from just about everywhere that emails aren’t secure enough for communication with the clients, while calling back and forth at every occasion is quite overwhelming. We believe that you want to spend as little time on managing your practice as possible. Instead, you’d rather do what you love and stay focused on providing care to your clients. In order to achieve that, a better and more efficient communication with clients is a must, and our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to do so. Today, I’m excited that Mentegram Notes is one step closer.

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When you have a small private practice, software that can help your office run more efficiently can still be very useful. Whether you are just starting out or are scaling back a bit after a long history as a mental healthcare professional, a software for therapy notes can save you a lot of time and organizational efforts.

But if your practice is only taking on a few clients, then adding another item to the budget might be hard, which is why you should find a therapy notes software that you can use for free. There’s no need to compromise saving time and becoming more organized, when it won’t cost you a thing!

Some therapy notes software are offered free for small practices, so having access to the features that the larger offices use is no longer out of your teach. Check it out, and be ready to save up to 30 minutes per day on your therapy notes!

Looking for an affordable therapy notes and practice management software can surely be a distraction from growing your practice. Newer and smaller practices should not have to be distracted from promoting themselves and giving all of their attention to their clients. Therefore, we believe that these practices shouldn’t have to pay for the software, but they should still have the opportunity to efficiently manage their clients’ therapy notes, as well as keep their practice organized.

Every therapist would surely love to have access to a software that would provide a better, simpler way to take therapy notes, saving them up to 30 minutes every single day. But if a private practice doesn’t yet have the client base to support this software financially, then it might not be as beneficial as you had initially hoped.

But there’s good news ahead! If your practice meets a few guidelines, then you could be well on your way to using a therapy notes software for free! And don’t worry about learning a new software. It will take way less than one hour to learn how to use it, and you’ll be taking better therapy notes before you know it.

Taking notes electronically isn’t just smart, but it saves you time and takes organization to a whole new level! This means you’ll be spending less time sifting through a week’s worth of notes when you need something, and more time with your patients. After all, that’s why you chose to be a therapist to begin with!

In the fast-paced world that we now live in, it is probably fair to say that people are not always open to new things because they fear the initial time investment. For example, you stick with your current bank, even though the fees keep rising, merely because you aren’t really up for learning how to work the new app, making the funds transfers and any of the other little things that might eat into time that you’d much rather spend doing something else.

One thing that seems to consistently take valuable time away from your patients is taking therapy notes. Yet, it’s a necessity, so what are your options? Well, thankfully, you do have a few. Using a therapy notes software will dramatically cut down on the time that it takes to complete your notes. Not only will it assist with the actual note taking, but the data will be categorized in a way that locating what you need exactly when you need it will finally be a reality.

The only thing that might hold you back from trying something of this nature would probably, once again, be time. You are probably automatically assuming that it will take a while to learn to work this software, not to mention getting it all set up in the first place.

However, what if I could tell you that it would take just three minutes to set up something that could save you precious time every day? In fact, I won’t just TELL you, but I’ll SHOW you.

Mentegram Notes will have you taking digital therapy notes in far less time than it takes to reply to to a normal-sized e-mail, order office supplies or, most importantly, continue to take your therapy notes utilizing other methods. If you are ready to usher in efficiency to your private practice, try Mentegram Notes today for a FREE 7-day trial!

One thing that therapists always seem to need is more time, so maybe clients also feel that way during their office visits. Rather than watch clients rush through paperwork instead of concentrating on their upcoming session, it would be wonderful to know that they were able to complete their intake in a more relaxed setting. This could also save time in administration, as well, freeing office personnel to assist therapists and clients in more efficient ways.

With a software that allows clients to complete their intake before or during their office visits on their computers or tablets, mental healthcare providers would have more time on their hands to actually spend with their clients, rather than sorting through paperwork and screenings. This will also add more organization for the entire office and its personnel.

When searching for the best software for your private practice, always look for technology that offers a wide variety of features to assist with the intake of clients. To see how both you and your clients can save time before and during appointments, try out some of the latest software to see what benefits it can offer your therapy office!

When a client is a no-show, it sets forth a series of situations. First, the practice loses money, as that there is now an hour on the books that can’t be billed. Next, there could be a client that the therapist could see, rather than an empty office.

Sometimes missed appointment will happen, but how fantastic would it be to to cut down on these instances? A software that will assist with scheduling appointments and can provide a calendar with an easy-to-use interface is something that every mental healthcare office should utilize. Plus, what better way to ensure that clients do not miss their appointments than by sending out reminders?

If this all sounds so good that you can’t wait to see how similar software could help your private practice, then look into what features are offered. With straightforward applications and a myriad of features to keep your office on track, the latest technology can help keep your waiting room full and your calendar organized!

Mental healthcare providers were elated when software to assist in taking electronic notes began popping up. Surely this would be the end to tedious note-taking and late-night catching up on paperwork!

However, laboring through complicated templates and learning how to work complicated software doesn’t exactly save time, does it? In fact, it might just lead to even more frustration. This is why it is so important to find a therapy notes software that keeps it simple, providing therapists with just the right amount of help to ensure that taking notes is easier than ever before.

Using this software should become nearly intuitive, and it should never involve instruction manuals or overwhelming structures that can often even hinder note taking. Instead, say “hello” to a straightforward, pure approach to therapy notes!

Sometimes it’s really difficult to juggle many things at once, including a late night trying to catch up on therapy notes or having dinner with the entire family around the same table. Mental healthcare providers spend so much time making the world a better place that they shouldn’t need to decide between providing valuable documentation for their patients and spending time with their loved ones. This is where software for taking electronic therapy notes steps in!

Plus, if this software can save therapists at least 30 minutes per day, then it’s almost a no-brainer. If you’re tired of filling out long and complicated forms, or worse yet, taking hand-written notes that you have to sort at the end of the day, then this type of software is definitely the right aid for you!

Taking your therapy notes does not have to be a chore that you loathe, keeping you from places where you’d rather be or even patients whom you’d like to help. With a time-saving, organizational software that offers unlimited benefits, it will be easier than ever to do it all. So why not start saving time today?

Those who work in the mental healthcare field have spent many precious years learning how to assist their clients, allowing them to balance their emotions, interact better with society and learn how to lead rewarding lives. However, valuable time is lost daily on various types of paperwork that could be easily spent on a session helping a client, which is the rewarding part of the day for a therapist.

Thankfully, there are many ways to cut back on the paperwork and even add better organization to your office! Imagine being able to schedule appointments and even send your clients reminders, or take notes electronically and screen clients when they are in the comfort of their own homes. That’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

New software can offer the opportunity to experience all of these time-saving solutions right now! In fact, with the time you’ll be saving, you may even be able to fit in an extra appointment. Find out how today!