What I pride the most about our team is the speed of improving our software in order to make improvements to our features. We launched secure video conferencing for Mentegram Notes only a few weeks ago, and I can announce another major update.

With no beating around the bush, I want to quickly show you how easily electronic billing with Mentegram Notes works. You are now able to generate invoices that your clients can bring to their insurance companies.

1 – Set Up Services

In order to start using electronic billing, you’ll have to go into your account settings and set up the services. You can either pick from the default ones and add your hourly rate or create a custom one.

Set up your services in Mentegram Notes

2 – Pick the Service For the Appointment

When you create a new appointment, you can choose the type of service from the services that you’ve set up.

Schedule appointment with Mentegram Notes

3 – Sign And Print the Invoice

When the appointment has finished, either access the invoice from the new billing page, or directly from the calendar, double-check the information and print for the client.

Service invoice in Mentegram Notes

Hopefully, this will help you speed up the paperwork in your practice. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas of how we can improve the electronic billing module further.

You can log in to your Mentegram Notes account at https://notes.mentegram.com.

By now, I am sure that you have heard all about online therapy and how it can be a valuable tool for your private or small practice. Years ago, this would have seemed like something for the next generation, but new technology has brought this innovative experience to the forefront. Needless to say, we are excited that Mentegram Notes has now become an online therapy software, as well!

There is no need to download any particular telemental health software or integrate with other EHR platforms. We made the secure and HIPAA compliant video conferencing an actual part of Mentegram Notes, so everything you need is actually “all under one roof.” In an effort to make online sessions easy to start using and even simpler to integrate into your private or small practice, all you have to do is open your browser… and GO!

Video sessions and online therapy allow therapists the ability to hold “office” visits in a new, imaginative way, ensuring that clients get the most out of their therapy experience. This type of therapy makes sure that clients will stay engaged with their treatment, even when they are sitting on their couch at home.

Let’s take a look at how online therapy can improve your Mentegram Notes experience.

Reach Remote Clients


You and your clients don’t need to install any new software. Our online therapy software works directly from your web browser. This makes it fast AND easy to start using video sessions now! Video sessions support clients and even increase the overall efficiency of your practice by building upon existing workflows, providing another alternative to office visits.

When your client can’t make it into the office, you may now simply schedule an online session so that your client doesn’t miss one moment of valuable treatment. This is a win-win for everyone involved, as that the therapists do not lose any revenue, and the clients are able to continue treatment even if they are not able to keep the appointment for his office visit.

HIPAA Compliant


Privacy and security is a primary concern for many clients and therapists, consistently one of the barriers that can be difficult to overcome when using technology. We are very well aware of that, and that’s why we make this our main priority. Mentegram Notes is a HIPAA compliant software and, of course, the online therapy module is, as well.

Sessions From Anywhere

Man Working on Laptop --- Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

Even therapists need vacations or a quick getaway, so online therapy makes it possible to still stay in touch with clients, even when away from the office.

There aren’t many therapy notes and practice management softwares out there that offer the capabilities of providing online therapy sessions, as well. So, are you as excited as we are about seeing it in Mentegram Notes? If so, don’t wait any longer and  schedule the first online therapy appointment right now!

We are launching our online therapy software in beta. Even though we tested everything to make sure that you’ll enjoy conducting your video sessions with Mentegram Notes, we are still working on improving the workflow to make it as smooth and as frictionless as possible, for both you, as well as your clients. We’d appreciate any feedback that you can provide us.

Last, but not least, I’d like to give you a quick heads up about the technology that we used. Thanks to the new WebRTC (or Web Real-Time Communications) project, Mentegram, as well as many other companies, are able to provide their customers with rich and high quality solutions for the real-time communication. Because this is still quite new, not all web browsers fully support it.

Therefore, our current commitment is to make our online therapy software work in the web browsers that fully support the WebRTC protocol. They are Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers in all standard operating systems – Windows, MacOS and Linux.

So, take as much time as you can experiencing video sessions, and enjoy. We are here to assist with any questions that you might have.

Step by step, we are making Mentegram Notes one-stop shopping for every therapist. Even though some really big things require a lot of work, we don’t want you to keep waiting for too long for our newest additions! We like to release our latest products as soon as they’re ready, and that’s why our new treatment plan template is ready to go.

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Instrument templates in Mentegram is one of the features that our customers love the most. The library of public templates provides you with over 40 instruments that you can use with your patients and clients in one click. The private library allows the clinicians and organizations the ability to create their own templates that they will use often. Assigning the instrument to the patient, getting answers and scoring them (in case of assessments like PHQ-9, for example) is so much faster than printing them and having to score them manually. I’m excited that we have made working with instruments even faster and easier. I believe that the recent updates will save you at least a few minutes every single day.

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Our goal with Mentegram Notes is to help you run a paperless practice, whether it’s through therapy notes, client intake or billing. We keep getting closer to this goal every month. Mentegram Notes now allows you to skip paper when writing therapy notes and scheduling appointments, as well as doing a simple intake. The intake process with Mentegram Notes is very quick and smooth, but it doesn’t allow you to collect all information… yet. While we want to digitize everything and give clients an opportunity to electronically sign all intake documents, there is still a long journey ahead. Today, however, is the day when we are getting one step closer.

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You have heard from just about everywhere that emails aren’t secure enough for communication with the clients, while calling back and forth at every occasion is quite overwhelming. We believe that you want to spend as little time on managing your practice as possible. Instead, you’d rather do what you love and stay focused on providing care to your clients. In order to achieve that, a better and more efficient communication with clients is a must, and our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to do so. Today, I’m excited that Mentegram Notes is one step closer.

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Mentegram was born from void between care providers and people suffering from depression, substance abuse and other mental illnesses to make sure those people never have to face their condition alone. We have spent the past three years building the solution that allows both smaller and larger providers screen and assess their patients and clients and monitor the treatment progress, all while keeping the patients better engaged in their treatment. You were able to save a lot of your time, what gave you an opportunity to see more patients. You were also able to increase your revenue, because some of the Mentegram services are reimbursable under the existing CPT codes.

While we were focusing on improving health outcomes, we haven’t yet paid too much attention to help smaller practices save time on their daily operations and paperwork. It’s true that you are able to write therapy notes as well as schedule appointments with Mentegram. However, we’ve always known that there was a lot of space for improvement and optimization for smaller practices. And it’s happening now.

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One of the biggest struggles for mental health providers is to ensure that patients keep their appointments. In a world where office hours affected by cancellations or missed engagements directly impact private practices in an economic way, new methods to maintain contact with patients regarding their appointments are essential for continued growth.

Mentegram is pleased to announce a new light-weight calendar for mental health providers that will simplify and streamline appointment scheduling with the clients.  In an environment where the preservation of time is essential and overall efficiency is key, this innovative technology designed to further enhance products created to benefit clinicians and their practices can produce optimal results.

If you are tired of missed appointments and idle time spent on no-shows and late arrivals, this new scheduling system in Mentegram will ensure that patients are reminded of the date and time of their appointments with easily scheduled reminders. This basic process will spearhead the agenda to dramatically cut down on efforts to follow up on and reschedule appointments, therefore allowing for:

  • More time to be allocated
  • More office visits
  • More patients

The entire scheduling process can ultimately be simplified by just a few clicks with this time-saving new tool!


This easy-to-use interface can assist in maintaining a reliable connection between the patient and their clinician regarding scheduling and their appointments. This calendar allows therapist to schedule appointments and send patient reminders directly within the Mentegram application, therefore eliminating the need for additional programs that take up space and offer no additional benefits or conveniences.

Utilizing such tools as a bridge between mental health providers and their patients is the obvious next step toward further encouraging patient engagement and enhancing the importance of maintaining a regular schedule for appointments. Patients will receive reminders for their visits, negating the need to call in to the office to confirm dates and times. Changes to appointments are also documented, ensuring that therapists always has accessibility to the latest and most accurate calendar for their appointments. Reminders may be sent to the patient right away when an appointment is put on the calendar, or they can be notified 24 hours or three days in advance of the date. The settings may be tailored for each individual patient, therefore providing the most advantageous time frame for ensuring that the appointment is kept.

new appointments

The good news is that mental health providers will not need to spend valuable time learning to use a new application. This simple, intuitive calendar allows for quick, straightforward scheduling and an uncomplicated presentation of the day, week or month at a glance.

Try Mentegram’s new feature today, and you will find that you may simplify your scheduling process by using just one tool to manage so many important facets of your organizational efforts. Why wait? Sign in and schedule your first appointment now!

Today we unveiled a brand new interface for Mentegram Instrument Library, improving the experience of assigning instruments to clients. We focused on making the experience better for both clinicians new to Mentegram, and those of you with us from the very beginning. The Mentegram public library has been quickly expanding with treatment prompts, worksheets, assessments and more and the old interface made it difficult to find what you were looking for. No more.

(NB: Stay tuned for more exciting news on our Public Library very soon!),

When you add a new client, or assign a new instrument to an existing one, you will find a new user experience that lets you zero-in on precisely what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a video for an adolescent client, a depression assessment for parents of a child client, or a daily gratitude journal for an adult. Using familiar and effective filtering, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

So, log into your Mentegram dashboard, and take the new library for a spin!

Today we released another hotly anticipated feature. We have built a way for you to administer screens in office using any internet connected device.

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