As HIPAA regulations became stricter, and HIPAA compliance stopped being “optional,” the choice in software providers has narrowed. Skype is no longer being recommended, Emailing is tricky, and cloud storage is problematic. Luckily, the largest players on the software front took notice and responded. Both Microsoft and Google will sign BAAs for their cloud-based office, email, and storage products. This makes both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps HIPAA compliant. This is an important step towards allowing health and mental health professionals take advantage of technological innovation without weakening the security of their data.

Google statement on HIPAA

Office 365 for health organizations

Therapy is inherently a personal experience. You and your client share intimate information and together work towards fixing any pains, and building the habits of a stronger, more resilient person. The role of clinical insight in this process cannot be overstated. However, your clinical insight can be supercharged when paired with additional evidence. That is where measurement comes into play.

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HIPAA compliance is tricky and complicated. Really, it’s a headache. Today, I want to mention Accountable (, a recently-launched service that make dealing with HIPAA a little easier.

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Youcognize is today’s Startup Pick. Inventures is an authority on start-up news in Central and Eastern Europe. Under the slogan “Exposing the guts, wits, and kicks of start-ups in [Central and Eastern Europe]”, Inventures covers the innovation happening in the Heart of Europe.

The Inventures Startup Pick takes a form of a short interview with some unusual questions.  A short example:

Our inside joke is…
Milan and Igor pop a virtual bottle of champagne every time we reach a milestone. For example when we uploaded our first app to Google Play or when we were selected a Startup Awards 2013 finalist.

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Inventures is currently in the middle of a “Slovak week” so make sure to read about all the amazing start-up stories from our little country with big ambitions.


It was reported that Apple products, both Macs running OSX and i-Devices running iOS are suffering from a very serious SSL bug. SSL is the name for the way data is encrypted as it travels from one device to another. On Apple devices, however a bug breaks SSL and all data, including any data sent on our services is vulnerable to attack. We found out about this bug through Apple’s security update to iOS 7.

Youcognize does not currently have an iOS app, so the data your clients send from Android devices is safe. However if you access your Dashboard through an iPad you expose your clients’ health data to an attack. It is importnant you update your iPad to iOS version 7.0.6. Even more importantly, however, Apple has not released a patch for its OS X operating system, yet. Thus we urge you not to access the Youcognize Dashboard through your Mac computers.

This is, unfortunately, not something we can fix,  we will need to wait on Apple to provide a patch to its operating system.

We will keep you posted as we find out more.

Here is a good summary of the issue from MacWorld

UPDATE: Apple has released OSX 10.9.2 which fixes this vulnerability. Please make sure you update your Mac computers immediately.


2013 has been a huge year for us at Youcognize. We would like to take a moment to reflect upon the year behind us, and look ahead to 2014. The idea of Youcognize did not exist a year ago. We formed our team in the summer, and released our prototype in October, 2013. We closed out the year with the release of version 2.0, our first “full release” of the Youcognize platform. You, as users, can now create personalized questions for each client’s therapeutic needs. It was truly a monumental year for us.

Our goals for 2014 are equally ambitious. We have many refinements planned for the platform, making it more robust, more flexible, and more useful to you and your clients.

We are also releasing our first iOS app this winter, allowing you to use Youcognize on both the major smartphone operating systems.

Finally, we are launching a blog ( where we will provide timely, useful information about Youcognize in addition to touching on other topics around the use of data in clinical work.

We are thankful for all of you who have communicated with us and helped us gain a nuanced understanding of your needs and desires. We pledge that in 2014 we will strive to make Youcognize live up to its mission: To make it extremely easy to track you clients’ daily moods and behavior in-between sessions.

All the best in 2014!

Igor and Milan
Founders of Youcognize.