When was the last time that you sang this classic? If you asked me, I would answer that I’ve been singing it a lot more often in the past few weeks. I am currently in Trento, where the TechPeaks accelerator is based, which is also around 750 kilometers (500 miles) from our operations office in Slovakia. It’s eight hours by car, between my current location and my wife at home. Although I miss her dearly, and would love for her to be here, I seem to have found new reasons for returning home.

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We are excited to announce to our providers and users that Youcognize will soon be known as Mentegram. This marks the beginning of a larger growth effort, built on our core principle of empowering professionals and their clients with the insights to make the best possible treatment decisions. Some of the key points that we are particularly proud to mention are:

  • Mentegram includes more robust security features to ensure that your information remains uncompromised.
  • We are now fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. In fact, Mentegram’s Terms of Service include a Business Associate Agreement.
  • Mentegram debuts an updated dashboard with improved security, functionality, and a cleaner aesthetic.
  • Finally, we have many exciting things on the horizon, such as multilingual support for our mobile app.

Mentegram officially launches on May 15th, 2014, at which time we will begin redirecting traffic from youcognize.com to mentegram.com. However, we plan to leave the Youcognize service active for several months to allow you to make the transition with minimal disruption to your practice. You may continue to access the Youcognize dashboard on me.youcognize.com. We do recommend that make the transition as soon as possible, so that you can take advantage of the improved security and added features.

This is a very important step forward us. The features we added to Mentegram have been highly requested, and we look forward to welcoming many new users. We would like to thank those who have been with Youcognize thus far.  We hope to continue to foster close relationships with our providers, because it is that involvement that allows Mentergram to grow in ways that help you make the best treatment decisions.

If you have any questions or concerns about this transition the please reach out to us at support@mentegram.com


Yesterday, I had the pleasure to announce that we reached an important early milestone and secured seed investment. Today, I can announce that Youcognize’s headquarters has moved into Center 61 in Austin,TX.

Center61 is a coworking space in Austin, TX helping non-profits and social entrepreneurs launch and grow their services. The portfolio of Center61 is truly impressive, comprised of  creative leaders solving pressing issues on local, regional, and global scale. I am honored that Youcognize is included. As an added bonus, Center61 is housed in the beautiful, new, LEED-Gold certified headquarters of People Fund. This building is not only centrally located in East Austin, but also easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation. It will provide a good home to our team.


One of the toughest steps in the life of a new company is securing enough financing to launch and grow. We are very excited, to announce that we have reached that milestone.

We are proud to announce that Neulogy Ventures has provided us with seed capital that will support our launch, and our growth for the near future. This investment allows Milan and I, and the rest of our team to focus on what is most important: building the best tools for you. Helping you make better care decisions.

Find out more about Neulogy Ventures at: www.neulogy.vc

It’s been more than two weeks since we came to Italy. We have not only met people in other European countries, but have also met people from all around the world, including New Zealand and Paraguay. Similar to many startup events and accelerators, TechPeaks is no exception and the most of the people here are programming or designer geeks. But it’s really amazing to see people traveling the half of the globe to get here, especially when you aren’t in Silicon Valley. It makes you (or at least me) realize that this is a place to focus and work hard. Doesn’t matter whether it takes a few hours’ driving or a day on the plane to get here.

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When you are a service that stores user data, privacy and security is the priority. These concerns quadrupled when you work with sensitive health information. More than half of the Internet has been affected by the security bug in OpenSSL protocol that attackers could use to gain access to securely transferred data. An example would be the credit card information you provide when you shop online. Youcognize is happy to tell you that our servers haven’t been affected by this bug and no data has been exposed.

(Update November 28, 2016 – You can sign a BAA with Dropbox according to their blog post). I recently wrote about Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 being HIPAA compliant (which is  a misnomer, but bear with me). Today I will focus more on cloud storage side, and highlight two very popular options that need to be avoided. As always, choosing the right vendor is critical in health care. Companies like Mentegram, like Box, spend the time and effort to protect the privacy of your patients; others do not.

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If you are still using Windows XP, you need to take action now! As of April 8th 2014 (that is, next Tuesday), any device using this thirteen years-old operating system will no longer comply with HIPAA.

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There is great amount of information in the short messages we send out to the world. In our tweets, or Facebook messages, we talk about despair, excitement, love, and loss. These data offer a glimpse into the state-of-mind of the sender. Can we analyze this information to deduce your personality, or even mood?

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The Youcognize team en-route to Trento. From left: Marek, Cristian, and Milan.

The Youcognize team en-route to Trento. From left: Marek, Cristian, and Milan.

As of a few hours ago, the development team of Youcognize landed in Trento, Italy. Trento will be our home for the next four months as we part take in the 2014 cohort of TechPeaks accelerator. As part of the accelerator, we will not only focus our full energy on moving Youcognize to the next level, we will be surrounded by electrifying innovation, that will no doubt result in unexpected revelations, ideas, and opportunities.

TechPeaks is a unique experience among accelerators. Each year the program selects a cohort of the brightest European thinkers and entrepreneurs and brings them to the alpine town of Trento.

logo_homeNot only is the seclusion good for focus, the mountains uplift spirits, and the cohort energizes the brain, but Trento is a hub of education and innovation. The Trento Universty is home to cutting-edge research, and organizations such as TrentoRise bring all the research and innovation together to create a little Silicon Valley in the Alps.

We are honored to be part of the 2014 Cohort. We have big plans for our stay here. Now it’s tim to put our head down and make it work .