The thing I like about Taylor Swift’s new video (words I never thought I’d say) is the way in which she normalizes those awkward, goofy feelings of teenage life. Quickly cutting between dance motifs, the ‘Shake It Off’ video features Swift amongst a multitude of highly-skilled, professional dancers. She, on the other hand, is not a professional dancer. Read more

We are honored and excited by the announcement that Mentegram will be joining UnLtd USA’s first cohort for social entrepreneurs, in September. Over the past few months, we stood for consideration among many worthy candidates who promote positive change, spanning a diverse array of industries. The fact that Mentegram was selected as one of six impact enterprises, from a pool of over 80 applicants, is truly humbling. Read more

It’s over, but what a ride it was. We attended the Texas Behavioral Health Institute in Austin. We could not have learned more. We were one of 25 exhibitors, and the only software, surrounded by a great number of strong, fantastic organizations that can benefit from the use of Mentegram. We networked with hundreds of people, and the response was phenomenal. So what did we learn through this experience? Read more

During the last few days of our beta, we found ourselves absolutely buried in work. This was a wonderful place to be, because we learned and achieved a great deal. Plus, for startups, it’s possibly the best sign of life; also the reason that time-saving services currently top the charts. However, we found it difficult to engage as frequently, or organically, as we would have liked over the last few weeks.

When the realization hit me that I was myself facing dwindling engagement, one of the issues that Mentegram strives to resolve, a bell chimed in my head. It could’ve just been someone using the toaster oven, but nevertheless the connection was real. So, I asked myself, “Now that I’m mindful of this issue, how should I fix it?” Read more

After the astounding success of our pilot program, we are beginning the process of transitioning Mentegram into a paid service. We would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback and support along the way, and express how excited we are to continue providing the best possible service to our users.

The major change will occur on Tuesday, July 22nd, which will be the official launch of our payment system. However, we plan to smoothly feed our pilot into the 30-day free trial that our new pricing plans both include. You will still be able to track free of charge through August 21st, and, regardless of payment, you will not lose access to your tracking data. After August 21st, you will need to choose a payment option in order to continue tracking. Read more

Like cures for hiccups, everyone seems to have their own panacea for productivity. Of course, as you may have guessed, none of them work quite as well as this one!

I’ve seen many approaches and methodologies that are supposed to increase productivity and efficiency. From Lean to Getting Things Done to Pomodoro, they all work quite well. Many of us use them, many of us benefit from them, and many of us keep coming back for more. So why is there such a market for advice? Because we are never satisfied with a good system, so we continue searching for a better one. Read more

In honor of June being PTSD Awareness Month, we are taking a closer look at the award-winning app, PTSD Coach. The app is intended as a supplement for those currently in treatment. While it is not a substitute for treatment, it does include resources to answer initial questions and how to find help and support.

The goal of PTSD Coach is to provide those affected with a resource that helps to affect positive change. There are also tools to help manage stress and other symptoms. The app also has the ability, like Mentegram, to track experiences so that both user and provider can understand more of what’s really going on. Through this approach, those affected can help build an understanding and develop mindfulness of what they’re experiencing. Read more

In the past month, it has become clear that three mobile device powerhouses have set their sights on creating platforms that gather health and fitness data. These platforms will also incorporate wearable devices and aggregate health information, collected by different apps, into one centralized profile. With the announcements of Samsung’s SAMI platform and Apple’s HealthKit, plus the rumor that Google will announce their Google Fit platform next week, many in the mobile health industry are excited as well as concerned. Read more

Another security vulnerability was discovered in the popular encryption tool Open SSL. This new bug comes mere weeks after the extremely dangerous Heartbleed vulnerability swept through the internet.

Mentegram was not affected by Heartbleed back in April, and it is not affected by this new (thus far unnamed) vulnerability either.

It is important, however, that you monitor other services you use in your practice (such as your email, or your practice management software) to find out whether their services were affected.

As always, we will keep you posted on important security news.

You can read more about this vulnerability over at Engadget.

The term Big Data refers to each person’s ambient and residual profile of information that results from the increasing connectivity of modern technology. It’s important to note that there are many useful and beneficial applications for this information, and that many of these enrich our lives daily. However, it is also true that this expanding landscape remains wild, and that the risk of exploitation increases as we continue to share more and more personal information.

Read more