Looking for an affordable therapy notes and practice management software can surely be a distraction from growing your practice. Newer and smaller practices should not have to be distracted from promoting themselves and giving all of their attention to their clients. Therefore, we believe that these practices shouldn’t have to pay for the software, but they should still have the opportunity to efficiently manage their clients’ therapy notes, as well as keep their practice organized.

Every therapist would surely love to have access to a software that would provide a better, simpler way to take therapy notes, saving them up to 30 minutes every single day. But if a private practice doesn’t yet have the client base to support this software financially, then it might not be as beneficial as you had initially hoped.

But there’s good news ahead! If your practice meets a few guidelines, then you could be well on your way to using a therapy notes software for free! And don’t worry about learning a new software. It will take way less than one hour to learn how to use it, and you’ll be taking better therapy notes before you know it.

Taking notes electronically isn’t just smart, but it saves you time and takes organization to a whole new level! This means you’ll be spending less time sifting through a week’s worth of notes when you need something, and more time with your patients. After all, that’s why you chose to be a therapist to begin with!