There’s no shortage of niche companies who promise a way to boost user experience and help build relationships by offering an interactive support widget. They stress that it’s easily installed and lifts your customer service out of the dark ages, but what about security? If a third-party application suffers a breach, then it may also compromise the system(s) where it was so easily installed.

This is why we, here at Mentegram, chose to roll up our sleeves and develop our own. Since our goal was to provide a link to our support team from the dashboard, it would have been a mistake to allow any third-party software into such a sensitive area. This is especially true considering that such an app would likely need to interact with a central server, accessed by each of its other current users. Not only would a third-party app leave us exposed, but as software it would be rigid, lacking the flexibility of code developed in-house, making it much easier to add features and apply bugfixes.

Ultimately we did this, because privacy and security, both huge components of customer service, are our highest priorities. We also hope to avoid the tragic irony of implementing something intended to resolve issues, only to find that we’ve let the barbarians through the gate. It may be a worst case scenario, but it’s also easily prevented by a little bit of conscientious elbow grease.


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