At Mentegram, we value our customers, and we understand that sometimes the best way to understand Mentegram and its many benefits is to see it through the eyes of a clinician that regularly utilizes its online instruments in his daily practice. Mentegram is pleased to introduce Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R, the Senior Director of Operations at Ohel Children’s Home & Family Services!

Ohel Children’s Home & Family Services began originally as a foster home, but today it has branched its services into providing mental healthcare for approximately 3,000 clients per year at locations throughout New York and New Jersey, as well as in Los Angeles. These services range from residential programs to a myriad of day services designed to assist with psychological disabilities, with the goal to integrate patients successfully into society.

So let’s learn a bit more about our customer’s personal experiences with using Mentegram!


1. How long have you been actively using Mentegram?

I have been using Mentegram for about two months.


2. How was your introduction to using the product? Did you find the software relatively easy to use and simple to train others to use, as well?

Yes, I did.


3. When and how did you first notice that Mentegram was positively affecting your practice?

I have noticed that for clients who like apps, it is an excellent engagement tool!


4. While Mentegram offers a myriad of online instruments that may be assigned to patients, is there a particular instrument that you have found to be the most beneficial for your particular needs?

I have found the various measures so we can track clients progress over time and also provide motivation as they see their own progress are definitely the most beneficial.


5. Have you made use of the new scheduling calendar feature yet, and if so, what are your thoughts on its impact on efficiency within your practice? If you have not yet utilized this new feature, what are your thoughts on what you have seen so far?

It would be great, especially if we find a way to integrate it into our EHR.


6. If a colleague were to ask you about using Mentegram in their practice, what words of advice would you offer?

Focus on the patients who enjoy using technology, and don’t try to convince the others who don’t. In time, more will follow.


7. If you could add anything to Mentegram, what would be your addition?

I would add Integration into our EHR system.


Please stay tuned for additional interviews with more of Mentegram’s valued customers. If you are interested in learning about the ways Mentegram could work in your practice, schedule a demo today!