As The Chief Medical Officer at Mentegram, my goal is to develop new tools to help clinicians help their patients.

Outside of this, my other job is working as a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist in a busy private practice. Therefore I know how important it is to use technology in the workplace to make my life easier. That way I can spend more time with my patients in the office and more time with my family at home.

Jacob L. Freedman, MD

We launched Mentegram Notes a few months ago with the goal of developing a low-cost alternative to the $60-100/month Electronic Health Records without sacrificing any of the quality that make us a trusted brand in the mental health field. In spite of fact that we are constantly improving and adding new features, we have kept our costs low at $30/month with full access to all of our new features for our customers. This is $30/month: no strings attached and with unlimited usage.

I also know that most small practices are on a budget and aren’t ready to make a love-at-first-sight purchase. That’s why we have a free trial option for unlimited usage with up to five patients.

We listen to our customers and work hard to create the best products possible. This is important to me particularly as I’m not only the CMO, I’m also a client

So check us out and give us a shot. We are looking forward to hearing great things from you.

Jacob L. Freedman MD
Chief Medical Officer at Mentegram