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Mentegram app closes patient-therapist gap and improves mental health treatment.


AUSTIN Texas; February 2015 – Recent startup and mental and behavioral health software company, Mentegram created an app that improves the administration of mental health care.


Over 62 million Americans are currently diagnosed with a mental illness and 17 per cent are readmitted at least 30 days after initial treatment. In Austin as in other major cities, there is a shortage of mental health clinicians and facilities, straining the city’s budget and limiting its ability to effectively treat patients.


“We have so many gaps in the health care delivery system, and that is especially prominent for behavioral health,” said Dr. Kari Wolf, director of the Seton Mind Institute in an interview with the Community Impact Newspaper last year.


The Mentegram app helps therapists create more effective treatment plans, make more accurate diagnoses and better track patient recovery while properly adjusting treatment methods. Patients use the app to update their clinicians on their emotions and statuses daily using clinician-created questionnaires.


Unlike similar programs, Mentegram is compatible with all mobile devices and is HIPPA certified, closing the informational gap between treatment sessions using a safe and reliable application.


“I have been doing this kind of work for nearly 20 years and am so pleased to see folks trying to make the technology match the clinical need,” said Mason J. Moore, founder of MJM Psychology Services about the Mentegram application.


Your stories for Venture Beat follow technology and the emergence of innovative apps such as ours, evidenced by your articles on Apple’s HealthKit and the FDA’s response to similar health IT applications. I believe that a feature piece on Mentegram would match not only your audience’s interest but also your style of writing.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, or Sara Mitran, our Chief Strategy Officer, for more information:

Davina Bruno

Public Relations Intern



Phone: (347)-744-5208


Sara Mitran

Chief Strategy Officer



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