How would you like to see your clients more engaged in their care? Imagine a world where your clients and patients check-in and engage with their care more than once every day. We found a way to reach that goal and it’s surprisingly easy.

The way it used to be: Sending clients home with papers.

The vast majority of approaches to mental health care work better when therapy clients “work” at home while away from the clinician’s office. The stumbling block has always been that the vast majority of the time clients would not fill out the sheets at home. The work would be left incomplete, or filled out while waiting for the next appointment. Hardly the clinical impact intended. Without clients completing their work at home, their progress was stunted.

The way forward: Digital health care tools that augment your work

We at Mentegram believe that adding electronic tools to therapy/healthcare regiment augments the care. We believed that replacing paper “homework” and care plans with easy digital tools would better engage clients and patients in their care. In the last year, we have been working with hundreds of therapists all over the country to find out whether this belief is true.

The results we found are beyond our wildest dreams.

We have engaged with over 600 clients over the past year, and collected thousands of responses. The key takeaway? On average, clients use Mentegram 1.5 times a day. Patients love the convenience of using Mentegram. Clinicians love the fact that their clients and patients are so well engaged

Where to go form here: A bit more about Mentegram

Mentegram mobile and web applications keep clients/patients coming back.

Mentegram mobile and web applications keep clients and patients engages in their care.

Our key goal with this post is to show that replacing paper-based homework with convenient tools like Mentegram is important in achieving the kind of results your clients and patients expect. We continue to collect more information to learn how best to support your clients and their recovery. If you have not tried Mentegram, sign up for our risk-free 30 day trial now, and see what hundreds of therapists around the world already discovered — it’s easier for you, and much more effective for your clients.