After the astounding success of our pilot program, we are beginning the process of transitioning Mentegram into a paid service. We would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback and support along the way, and express how excited we are to continue providing the best possible service to our users.

The major change will occur on Tuesday, July 22nd, which will be the official launch of our payment system. However, we plan to smoothly feed our pilot into the 30-day free trial that our new pricing plans both include. You will still be able to track free of charge through August 21st, and, regardless of payment, you will not lose access to your tracking data. After August 21st, you will need to choose a payment option in order to continue tracking.

To show our gratitude for our early adopters, we will be sending out special, limited-time offers for Mentegram service. These offers must be accepted before the end of our pilot program on July 22nd, so be sure to check your inbox!

We appreciate all of the help and support we have received up to this point, and look forward to continuing improving and enhancing our service based on your feedback. If you have any questions regarding this or any other aspects of our service, please contact us at

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