Wouldn’t it be great to have a phone with infinite battery life; one that could never be lost, stolen, or ruined during an unexpected ride through the laundry? Frankly, yes it would. However, until that technology arrives, the simple truth is that everyone will occasionally find themselves without a phone.

To cope with these sporadic lapses of mobile connectivity, Mentegram has developed a new web application for clients to use to track their experiences. The new app is intended as a temporary backup to minimize the tracking data that is lost, when a client’s phone becomes unavailable.

Using the web app will be nearly identical to the mobile app, except that, for security purposes, clients will be unable to view previously recorded tracking information. The new web app will function based on the license key assigned to each client. Your client will enter their license key and then be prompted to fill out the questionnaire currently assigned to them.

Because the quality of tracking information is best when fresh, our hope is that clients will continue to track their experiences, in the moment, without waiting until they can charge their phone.


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