It’s been more than two weeks since we came to Italy. We have not only met people in other European countries, but have also met people from all around the world, including New Zealand and Paraguay. Similar to many startup events and accelerators, TechPeaks is no exception and the most of the people here are programming or designer geeks. But it’s really amazing to see people traveling the half of the globe to get here, especially when you aren’t in Silicon Valley. It makes you (or at least me) realize that this is a place to focus and work hard. Doesn’t matter whether it takes a few hours’ driving or a day on the plane to get here.

Although you would expect laid back Italians, we started fast with tons of workshops from day one. We really didn’t expect the pace and almost got behind with the schedule. But after a few long evenings, we are back on track. Things are moving fast here. Definitely faster than you would expect. It’s only week number three and we have already been in touch with two Italian agencies who can help us connect better with clients. It’s really amazing and motivating to see how excited they are. Since we are still negotiating, I won’t reveal any more details, but you can be sure that I will once all is done.

TechPeaks is not only about new partners for Youcognize. It’s mostly about focusing on the right things and hardcore mentoring. I’m always happy when I can talk to experienced entrepreneurs, VCs, and mentors. Although they may not understand our market, they still can point out what areas we should focus on. This helps us deliver not only a better product for you, but also to learn how to address needs that much faster.

And even though our mentors aren’t here with us all the time, we have learned quickly and can help each other. We are from different countries and have different experiences, which ultimately makes us a great gang that will do great things. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next, but no matter where we go, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be amazing.