letting go

The world is really changing around us, whether we are relatively willing to change with it. If we even watch the evening news in passing, we are sure to see a dozen things that we have never seen happening before, letting go of many idealizations that we once held. However, healthcare is also making a […]

When the flowers begin to bloom and the temperatures begin to rise, many turn to the idea of spring cleaning. Now, when you think about your therapy practice, I’m not talking about grabbing a mop or dusting those shelves in the storage room. I’m referring to an organizational cleanse! When your days grow longer and […]

As integrated care becomes a more popular healthcare model, it becomes more and more apparent that mental health screenings are extremely important. In a primary care setting, sometimes these screenings can even be the very start of a positive outcome in a patient’s treatment. So, let’s explore even more reasons why mental health screenings are […]

The topic of integrated care as a healthcare model for primary care physicians seems to come up more and more. Integrated care, also known as collaborative care, can best be described as the blending together of two types of care. These are primarily physical and mental healthcare. This worldwide reform offers new arrangements and forms […]

What I pride the most about our team is the speed of improving our software in order to make improvements to our features. We launched secure video conferencing for Mentegram Notes only a few weeks ago, and I can announce another major update. With no beating around the bush, I want to quickly show you […]