Important Apple Vulnerability Discovered

It was reported that Apple products, both Macs running OSX and i-Devices running iOS are suffering from a very serious SSL bug. SSL is the name for the way data is encrypted as it travels from one device to another. On Apple devices, however a bug breaks SSL and all data, including any data sent […]

Cообщество Игры

ДНК (то есть все негенетические факторы), рассматриваются в генетике как факторы окружающей среды (ср.


Collect excellent data – a 3-step guide

Hint: ask a few questions daily, and let your client respond electronically. Finding the right way to ask questions and get the information you want may seem like an inscrutable art. Much research in psychology and related disciplines aims to understand what particular features of questionnaires and surveys entice the highest response rates and yield […]

Ringing in 2014

2013 has been a huge year for us at Youcognize. We would like to take a moment to reflect upon the year behind us, and look ahead to 2014. The idea of Youcognize did not exist a year ago. We formed our team in the summer, and released our prototype in October, 2013. We closed […]


Youcognize launched in Google Play store!

 It is not every day you get to click a button and all of sudden something about the world is different. Today we pressed one such button. We published Youcgonize App in the Google Play store. It is there, public, and available for all of you to use. Today was a good day.