As HIPAA regulations became stricter, and HIPAA compliance stopped being “optional,” the choice in software providers has narrowed. Skype is no longer being recommended, Emailing is tricky, and cloud storage is problematic. Luckily, the largest players on the software front took notice and responded. Both Microsoft and Google will sign BAAs for their cloud-based office, […]

Therapy is inherently a personal experience. You and your client share intimate information and together work towards fixing any pains, and building the habits of a stronger, more resilient person. The role of clinical insight in this process cannot be overstated. However, your clinical insight can be supercharged when paired with additional evidence. That is […]

HIPAA compliance is tricky and complicated. Really, it’s a headache. Today, I want to mention Accountable (, a recently-launched service that make dealing with HIPAA a little easier.

When we launched last fall, we launched only with an app for Android devices. Although Android is a fine platform with many users, from the onset it was clear that we needed to also build and app for the iPhone. We worked diligently to bring our iPhone users the same polished experience we delivered on […]

Youcognize is today’s Startup Pick. Inventures is an authority on start-up news in Central and Eastern Europe. Under the slogan “Exposing the guts, wits, and kicks of start-ups in [Central and Eastern Europe]”, Inventures covers the innovation happening in the Heart of Europe. The Inventures Startup Pick takes a form of a short interview […]