(Update November 28, 2016 – You can sign a BAA with Dropbox according to their blog post). I recently wrote about Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 being HIPAA compliant (which is  a misnomer, but bear with me). Today I will focus more on cloud storage side, and highlight two very popular options that need to […]

If you are still using Windows XP, you need to take action now! As of April 8th 2014 (that is, next Tuesday), any device using this thirteen years-old operating system will no longer comply with HIPAA.

There is great amount of information in the short messages we send out to the world. In our tweets, or Facebook messages, we talk about despair, excitement, love, and loss. These data offer a glimpse into the state-of-mind of the sender. Can we analyze this information to deduce your personality, or even mood?

Has your phone recently buzzed or “beeped?” Chances are that when it did, it was near you, you heard it, you noticed, and you responded almost immediately. This is the reason why, to truly understand daily lives of your clients, you should collect information through their smartphones. These omnipresent devices are by far the best […]

As of a few hours ago, the development team of Youcognize landed in Trento, Italy. Trento will be our home for the next four months as we part take in the 2014 cohort of TechPeaks accelerator. As part of the accelerator, we will not only focus our full energy on moving Youcognize to the next […]