Youcognize has spent the last two months aligning our technology with HIPAA regulations. We understand the importance of security and privacy regarding health data, and are upgrading our systems to be state-of-the-art. Read on about current status and important dates in the near future.

New server host

We have begun our journey by identifying a new provider for our servers. Our current host takes security seriously, but was not ready to sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with us. As I mention over and over again, any business partner that will not not sign a BAA is jeopardizing your HIPAA compliance, so we made a firm decision to switch providers. We found a fantastic company, TrueVault , which offers impeccable security and some additional services that will make Youcognize better going forward. This move, requires us to rewrite parts of the software, so it was not a swift move. However, after weeks of hard work, we have finished the revisions and are conducting thorough internal testing.

New, more secure apps

In the process of moving our server host, we took the opportunity to bake in more security into our apps. We now encode data on your clients’ phones. This added layer of protection makes the data unreadable in the even that your client’s data is stolen or otherwise “hacked into.”

Administrative readiness.

As you no doubt know, HIPAA is more than a security principle; HIPAA also regulates how we, as a company, work with your data, and how we document our processes. Thus, we have trained all of our staff, designated our privacy officer (me), and are preparing all of our paperwork to make sure that you and your clients are fully informed of their rights and our responsibilities. As I wrote recently, we are relying on Accountable to manage our documentation duties. We are, of course, also readying BAAs that we will be able to sign with all of the Providers using our services.

So when are we releasing all this?

This May. With most of the hurdles behind us, we will begin offering BAAs in May. This step will add us to the list of services that maintain and support your mission to be HIPAA compliant. I cannot wait to show you everything we have built for you.


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