When was the last time that you sang this classic? If you asked me, I would answer that I’ve been singing it a lot more often in the past few weeks. I am currently in Trento, where the TechPeaks accelerator is based, which is also around 750 kilometers (500 miles) from our operations office in Slovakia. It’s eight hours by car, between my current location and my wife at home. Although I miss her dearly, and would love for her to be here, I seem to have found new reasons for returning home.

You may have read earlier about how excited we are to be receiving funding from the new Slovak VC fund, Neulogy Ventures. When you think about it, face to face interaction is essential for assuring investors that they are making sound decisions. So naturally, I am traveling home more frequently, in order meet with them and our advisors, to discuss all the details (thanks Ken and Anna!). This also goes for our lawyers, accountants, and the bank. In other words, there are a lot of things going on. However, it really does help having the great team that we do, which makes everything a lot more fun.

We are really very happy and motivated here at Mentegram. Additionally, we are quite proud that, although Neulogy Ventures received hundreds of business plans from other startups, Mentegram was one of the first two chosen to receive funding. Looking forward, we are eager to continue building a product that is going to revolutionize therapy sessions, as well as the way clients share their moods and behavior with their therapists.

Stay tuned for some updates that we will reveal soon, once I’m on the road again.

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