We are happy to announce a great new feature for users of our private library feature. Until now, only Mentegram staff could populate your private library — that changed today. We just rolled out a new feature that allows you to add questionnaires and other items to your private library directly.

This is how you do it:


Questions and Answers:

Q: I am on Standard plan, how can I begin using private library? 

A: Private library is only enabled for users of our Professional and Premium plans. However, we are happy to let you try it for free. Just email us at hello@mentegram.com and let us know.

Q: I work for an organization, how can I add an item to our organization library. 

A: We are working on giving you this opportunity as well. Until then, Mentegram staff is happy to do it for you. Contact us at hello@mentegram.com and we will add the item to your organization’s library

Q: I would like my questionnaire to calculate a score, how can I do that? 

A: This is something that we will still be doing for you. Email us at hello@mentegram.com and we will add a calculated score to your template.

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