Today is a very important day for us here at Mentegram. Today, we released new patient-level reports. For all of you, this is an important way to view and analyze your clients / patients’ progress through assessments and screens. Further, this is a key component to allow psychologist and psychiatrists to get reimbursed for using Mentegram.

These reports allow you to build a report of the screening and assessment results for each of your clients / patients. If your clients are monitoring their depression and substance use, or anxiety and work stress, you can see these scores side by side, and see how they have been changing over time. You can also include interpretation note and integrate these results with additional information you have about the client / patient, such as their responses to other instruments you have distributed through Mentegram.

Finalize report, or directly export them in PDF format.

Finalize report, or directly export it in PDF format.

When you’re done, you can finalize the report and even export it as a PDF or plain-text data for import into your EHR or practice management software. Neat!

Insurance Billing

For the Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and those working in organizations supervised by psychologists or psychiatrists, these reports have been built specifically to allow you to bill for the Mentegram services. We have added a new section to our support page that outlines the compliance criteria for your insurance coding. Read more at: If you have any questions about insurance coding and Mentegram. please contact us at

We continue to build more capability into Mentegram, to support your work flows. Stay tuned for more excited updates.

Our new Support Interface better serves you useful information.

Our new Support Interface better serves you useful information.


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