We continue to refine the user experience of our Clinical Dashboard. Today we released a much-requested feature to our private library, and made other small changes.

Improved organization on small screens

Improved Dashboard organization on small screens

Private Library Template Editing

After out last-week’s update when we enabled users on the Professional or Premium account to add new templates to their private library, today we also enabled editing of existing templates in the private library. You will see the grey “EDIT” button right next to the usual Preview and Use buttons.


Improved Mobile View

Many of you use Mentegram on your tablets and smartphones. Our dashboard has been “responsive,” in other words usable on a small screen, for a while, but the experience has not been stellar. We continue to  refine the way the dashboard looks and works on small screens. The Client View has been cleaned up, icons have been realigned, and other elements now take up less space when viewed on small devices.

As always, small things can make your usage of Mentegram joyful, or dreadful. We continue to refine the experience so you enjoy the time you spend using our interface.


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