Today we released another hotly anticipated feature. We have built a way for you to administer screens in office using any internet connected device.

Imagine, a client coming in with new complaints. S/he is handed a tablet to fill out a standardized screening  or assessment instrument (such as a DSM5 Screening), then a customized before-visit check-in form, and finally a thought exercise that gets him/her minds primed for the session. All of this happens effortlessly in your waiting room, and many of these actions are insurance reimbursable.

Before you even see this client, you have the screening/assessment results scored, and presented with clinical decision support. At the moment you can impact your client the most – when s/he is sitting in your office – you have all the information needed to effectively steer the encounter. The possibilities are endless and we are seeing clinicians use the screening in situations as varied as partial hospitalization program, standard counseling, to post-session feedback gathering.

Of course the fact that this is all done through the same system you already use to collect clinical information from your clients / patients is just a cherry on top – the kind of cherry on top we like to deliver. Have a watch below to see how to get started.