What I pride the most about our team is the speed of improving our software in order to make improvements to our features. We launched secure video conferencing for Mentegram Notes only a few weeks ago, and I can announce another major update.

With no beating around the bush, I want to quickly show you how easily electronic billing with Mentegram Notes works. You are now able to generate invoices that your clients can bring to their insurance companies.

1 – Set Up Services

In order to start using electronic billing, you’ll have to go into your account settings and set up the services. You can either pick from the default ones and add your hourly rate or create a custom one.

Set up your services in Mentegram Notes

2 – Pick the Service For the Appointment

When you create a new appointment, you can choose the type of service from the services that you’ve set up.

Schedule appointment with Mentegram Notes

3 – Sign And Print the Invoice

When the appointment has finished, either access the invoice from the new billing page, or directly from the calendar, double-check the information and print for the client.

Service invoice in Mentegram Notes

Hopefully, this will help you speed up the paperwork in your practice. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas of how we can improve the electronic billing module further.

You can log in to your Mentegram Notes account at https://notes.mentegram.com.