You have heard from just about everywhere that emails aren’t secure enough for communication with the clients, while calling back and forth at every occasion is quite overwhelming. We believe that you want to spend as little time on managing your practice as possible. Instead, you’d rather do what you love and stay focused on providing care to your clients. In order to achieve that, a better and more efficient communication with clients is a must, and our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to do so. Today, I’m excited that Mentegram Notes is one step closer.

Client Portal login - Mentegram Notes

We launched Mentegram Notes less than two months ago. Instead of building a software with a lot of features that you may not even need, we have decided to go the other way and launched with a very simplistic, yet powerful, practice calendar and therapy notes. Instead of making our own decisions, we have been asking for your feedback and advice. Building the software for therapists WITH therapists is what is giving us an opportunity to work at the speed of light. I’m very grateful for that, hoping that it’s going to continue. Feel free to email us with any question, feedback or advice at any time.

Client Portal appointments - Mentegram Notes

A Client Portal has become a part of Mentegram Notes a few days ago. Following our strategy, the portal is starting small, without any big bang that completely changes the way you and your clients work. Instead, the clients will have an opportunity to see their upcoming appointments, plus the messages that you are able to send them from Mentegram Notes. It’s very basic, but we believe that it’s going to be much easier for you to get used to all that the Client Portal has to offer, step-by-step. Additional improvements to the Client Portal that you will see in the very near future will include:

  • Intake forms
  • Two-way communication with the client
  • An opportunity for the clients to cancel the upcoming appointment

If you believe that we should prioritize any other improvement, please let us know, and we look forward to hearing your and your clients’ feedback on the Client Portal.

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