In the fast-paced world that we now live in, it is probably fair to say that people are not always open to new things because they fear the initial time investment. For example, you stick with your current bank, even though the fees keep rising, merely because you aren’t really up for learning how to work the new app, making the funds transfers and any of the other little things that might eat into time that you’d much rather spend doing something else.

One thing that seems to consistently take valuable time away from your patients is taking therapy notes. Yet, it’s a necessity, so what are your options? Well, thankfully, you do have a few. Using a therapy notes software will dramatically cut down on the time that it takes to complete your notes. Not only will it assist with the actual note taking, but the data will be categorized in a way that locating what you need exactly when you need it will finally be a reality.

The only thing that might hold you back from trying something of this nature would probably, once again, be time. You are probably automatically assuming that it will take a while to learn to work this software, not to mention getting it all set up in the first place.

However, what if I could tell you that it would take just three minutes to set up something that could save you precious time every day? In fact, I won’t just TELL you, but I’ll SHOW you.

Mentegram Notes will have you taking digital therapy notes in far less time than it takes to reply to to a normal-sized e-mail, order office supplies or, most importantly, continue to take your therapy notes utilizing other methods. If you are ready to usher in efficiency to your private practice, try Mentegram Notes today for a FREE 7-day trial!