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Davina Bruno

Public Relations Coordinator

 Mentegram and Foundation Communities Partner to Better Care For Austinites

Mentegram’s software will help Foundation Communities better serve the unemployed.


AUSTIN Texas; 8 April 2015 – Mentegram’s software will soon be used by Foundation Communities to help Austinites find and keep jobs.


“We’re looking forward to incorporating a mobile tool that will allow greater connection and follow-up between Case Managers and Participants,” said Mario Cortez, director of supportive housing for Foundation Communities Inc. “The Mentegram application is expected to improve efficiency and communication around issues critical to moving families forward in life.”


The Mentegram software is commonly used to bridge the gap between therapists and their clients between therapy sessions. At Foundation Communities, it will be used to gather data from program participants about behaviors and friction points surrounding their search for ideal employment opportunities. This data will be used to support them and aid them as they move forward toward set goals.

The software will help case managers at Foundation Communities track the amount of effort participants are investing in job hunting among other key metrics that will serve to perfect the program. At the beginning of the partnership, seven case managers and 25 program participants will use the software; in the short-term, these numbers will increase to 12 direct managers and 100 participants.

“Bridging the front line of the non-profit sector, which is historically technologically dark, with the realm of technology and communication, has potential to revolutionize the working relationship of the helper and those seeking services,” said Cortez.


Based in Austin and founded in April 2013, Mentegram is a secure platform for gathering behavioral and mental health data from patients between visits with care providers.  The software solution combines treatment adherence management and symptom monitoring for more robust service. This approach reduces care costs by as much as 65%, lowers 30-day readmissions by 50% and speeding up recovery by 42%. Mentegram is HIPPA compliant and currently serves clients across the United States.

Foundation Communities is an Austin non-profit that emphasizes affordable housing, education, financial services, and health initiatives. Under their program, 2,700 low income families are housed, and k-12 students across Austin and Dallas/Arlington have easier access to learning centers. Other opportunities available through Foundation Communities include: mental and substance abuse programming, college courses, small business education, health-based initiatives and income tax preparation for households that qualify.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Contact information:

Davina Bruno

Public Relations



Phone: (347)-744-5208


Mario Cortez

Director of Supportive Housing

Foundation Communities


Phone: (512) 284-5546


Sara Mitran

Chief Strategy Officer



Phone: 512-593-5835 x105

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