Just to mix things up, we thought it would be nice if we answered some questionnaires of our own for a change. So each week,  we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know a different member of our fun and talented team. This week is one of our founders, Milan!

Name:  Milan Steskal

Job Title:  Founder and COO

Location:  Europe/Slovakia

Education:  Masters degree in project management and software engineering

Background:  Project and product management, online marketing

What attracts you to Mentegram?

I want to make world a better place and I believe that Mentegram is going to help a lot of people live higher quality life

You are eating your favorite meal in your favorite place in the world. What are you eating, and where?

Vegetable salad with grilled meat, juicy burger or steak tartare. Definitely somewhere on Hawaii.

It comes as no surprise that a movie is being made about your extraordinary life. Who will play you?

Tom Hanks

Not counting Mentegram, what is your favorite ‘M’ word, and why?

Milujem ta — which is Slovak for ‘I love you’