Up next in our series to help you better know the Mentegram team is our CEO, Igor. So sit back and relax as El Jefe gets a chance to introduce himself. We hope you enjoy!

Name:  Igor Holas

Job Title:  Founder & CEO

Location:  Austin, TX

Education:  I have a B.A. in Psychology from Oberlin College, M.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences from UT Austin, and currently finishing my PhD in Research Psychology.

Background:  I started off on a path toward academic psychology, then found love in helping organizations improve through better use of data, and realized we need a better tool to get there.

What attracts you to Mentegram?

It really has a potential to transform the way we treat clients in behavioral care. It’s deceptively simple, yet so powerful.

You are eating your favorite meal in your favorite place in the world. What are you eating, and where?

This is difficult. But let’s go with a smoked fish in Stockholm.

It comes as no surprise that a movie is being made about your extraordinary life. Who will play you?

Clive Owen (I <3 Clive Owen)

Not counting Mentegram, what is your favorite ‘M’ word, and why?

Maven — it is such a pleasant sounding way to say expert.