Mentegram was born from the void between clinicians and the patients they treat for depression, substance use disorders, and other chronic medical illness.  To ensure that patients never have to face their illness alone, Mentegram helps doctors and therapists create personalized treatment plans using smartphone and other technology.  This in turn reliable improves both patient outcomes and practice efficiency. We are thrilled to announce a new partnership helping our customers to further develop their practices.

Running a practice is a very busy enterprise especially for someone who is also providing top-notch clinical care.  Whether it’s paperwork, billing, staff management or promoting the practice to find more patients…it’s never simple. Our new partner, provides a simple, powerful, and affordable all-in-one solution for growing and developing your practice. They have helped many clinicians across The USA and Canada to find more patients, improve recognition, and increase practice revenue.

therapyeverywhere-logoProviding care to patients goes hand in hand with promoting the practice in order to maximize success. That’s the reason why we are always looking for new ways to provide our customers a 360-degree service. All Mentegram customers receive a $50 discount from the services provided by To learn more about how can you benefit from the partnership, please visit the new partner section on our website.