It was reported that Apple products, both Macs running OSX and i-Devices running iOS are suffering from a very serious SSL bug. SSL is the name for the way data is encrypted as it travels from one device to another. On Apple devices, however a bug breaks SSL and all data, including any data sent on our services is vulnerable to attack. We found out about this bug through Apple’s security update to iOS 7.

Youcognize does not currently have an iOS app, so the data your clients send from Android devices is safe. However if you access your Dashboard through an iPad you expose your clients’ health data to an attack. It is importnant you update your iPad to iOS version 7.0.6. Even more importantly, however, Apple has not released a patch for its OS X operating system, yet. Thus we urge you not to access the Youcognize Dashboard through your Mac computers.

This is, unfortunately, not something we can fix,  we will need to wait on Apple to provide a patch to its operating system.

We will keep you posted as we find out more.

Here is a good summary of the issue from MacWorld

UPDATE: Apple has released OSX 10.9.2 which fixes this vulnerability. Please make sure you update your Mac computers immediately.