Online therapy and HIPAA compliant video conferencing is becoming a new standard in therapy. Of course, this does not replace face-to-face appointments. Instead, it provides a huge opportunity for people to receive care if they can’t make it to the therapist’s office. This also gives therapists the opportunity to gain even more clients.

We understand that it’s important for you to use as few different softwares as possible. Therefore, we actually made secure video conferencing a part of Mentegram Notes. I want to show you how easy it can be to schedule an online therapy session with your client. Have a look at the video below.

HIPAA compliant video conferencing will be a part of a premium subscription that we’ll introduce later this spring. It’s currently in beta, and that’s why we made it available under the existing subscription, or for free for therapists with less than five clients.

If you want to try it, go ahead and give it a go. Don’t worry… there is nothing to lose!

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