One of the biggest struggles for mental health providers is to ensure that patients keep their appointments. In a world where office hours affected by cancellations or missed engagements directly impact private practices in an economic way, new methods to maintain contact with patients regarding their appointments are essential for continued growth.

Mentegram is pleased to announce a new light-weight calendar for mental health providers that will simplify and streamline appointment scheduling with the clients.  In an environment where the preservation of time is essential and overall efficiency is key, this innovative technology designed to further enhance products created to benefit clinicians and their practices can produce optimal results.

If you are tired of missed appointments and idle time spent on no-shows and late arrivals, this new scheduling system in Mentegram will ensure that patients are reminded of the date and time of their appointments with easily scheduled reminders. This basic process will spearhead the agenda to dramatically cut down on efforts to follow up on and reschedule appointments, therefore allowing for:

  • More time to be allocated
  • More office visits
  • More patients

The entire scheduling process can ultimately be simplified by just a few clicks with this time-saving new tool!


This easy-to-use interface can assist in maintaining a reliable connection between the patient and their clinician regarding scheduling and their appointments. This calendar allows therapist to schedule appointments and send patient reminders directly within the Mentegram application, therefore eliminating the need for additional programs that take up space and offer no additional benefits or conveniences.

Utilizing such tools as a bridge between mental health providers and their patients is the obvious next step toward further encouraging patient engagement and enhancing the importance of maintaining a regular schedule for appointments. Patients will receive reminders for their visits, negating the need to call in to the office to confirm dates and times. Changes to appointments are also documented, ensuring that therapists always has accessibility to the latest and most accurate calendar for their appointments. Reminders may be sent to the patient right away when an appointment is put on the calendar, or they can be notified 24 hours or three days in advance of the date. The settings may be tailored for each individual patient, therefore providing the most advantageous time frame for ensuring that the appointment is kept.

new appointments

The good news is that mental health providers will not need to spend valuable time learning to use a new application. This simple, intuitive calendar allows for quick, straightforward scheduling and an uncomplicated presentation of the day, week or month at a glance.

Try Mentegram’s new feature today, and you will find that you may simplify your scheduling process by using just one tool to manage so many important facets of your organizational efforts. Why wait? Sign in and schedule your first appointment now!

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