Instrument templates in Mentegram is one of the features that our customers love the most. The library of public templates provides you with over 40 instruments that you can use with your patients and clients in one click. The private library allows the clinicians and organizations the ability to create their own templates that they will use often. Assigning the instrument to the patient, getting answers and scoring them (in case of assessments like PHQ-9, for example) is so much faster than printing them and having to score them manually. I’m excited that we have made working with instruments even faster and easier. I believe that the recent updates will save you at least a few minutes every single day.

You’ve been asking, and we listened. Here is how we’ve improved the instrument templates management.

Create questionnaire from an existing template

This is the feature that most of you have been asking for. You wanted to make changes or add a few questions to an existing questionnaire, while not having to create the entire questionnaire from scratch. As you can see on the screenshot above, we’ve added a “copy & edit” button to the existing templates, allowing you to edit an existing questionnaire and either assign it to the patient or save it to the library.

For now, this will work only for the instruments that don’t contain any score. We will continue to work on supporting the scored instruments, as well. We need to make sure that the edits won’t affect the scoring formulas, which might get a bit challenging in some particular cases.

Save templates into the organization library

So far, you have had to reach out to us if you wanted to add templates into your organization’s library. Even though we did it quickly, it still wasn’t the best experience possible for you. Therefore, Mentegram now allows organization managers to save templates into the organization library, exactly like every user can save templates into their private library.

Delete templates from the library

It looks like it would be quite simple and straight-forward, but in the past, you weren’t able to delete templates from your library. We fixed this, providing you with an option to do so. Every user can delete a template from their private library, and the organization admins can also delete templates from the organization library. Of course, you still aren’t able to delete any templates from the public library.

I believe that this will help you work even faster with Mentegram. Let me know how this benefits you and what else can we do to make Mentegram even better.