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Limited Time Does Not Have to Mean Limited Care

For many clients, therapy consists of about 15 to 20 sessions, each about 60 minutes long, all in an effort to achieve recovery goals. While 15 to 20 sessions may sound like a fair amount, those weeks of care can be as fleeting as sunny days in the middle of winter. Making those precious few […]

Behavioral Health Software Market On The Rise

There is a smartphone app for almost everything and more and more people are embracing this reality to simplify their lives. In health care, clinicians are catching on to this trend. Health IT is a recent and burgeoning field, fueled by doctors’ desire to better care for patients, researchers’ need for innovation and finance departments’ need […]

One App, Three Aims. Better Care.

There are three main key performance indicators (KPIs) that are currently used to evaluate healthcare technology. These KPIs are collectively known as the “Triple Aim,” and include: improving patient experience, improving the health of the populations and reducing health care costs per capita. However, according to Andrey Ostrovsky, doctor and co-founder of Care At Hand […]

Do we need a specific methodology to build mHealth projects?

I consider most healthcare innovations to be too complicated, lacking my favorite KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) approach. I assume it’s because they involve doctors, scientists and providers who make a habit of focusing closely on details, and are often perfectionists when it comes to their primary profession. Of course, that approach is perfect for what they […]

De Facto Productivity

Like cures for hiccups, everyone seems to have their own panacea for productivity. Of course, as you may have guessed, none of them work quite as well as this one! I’ve seen many approaches and methodologies that are supposed to increase productivity and efficiency. From Lean to Getting Things Done to Pomodoro, they all work […]

On the Road Again

When was the last time that you sang this classic? If you asked me, I would answer that I’ve been singing it a lot more often in the past few weeks. I am currently in Trento, where the TechPeaks accelerator is based, which is also around 750 kilometers (500 miles) from our operations office in […]

Peaks, Pizza and Palms

It’s been more than two weeks since we came to Italy. We have not only met people in other European countries, but have also met people from all around the world, including New Zealand and Paraguay. Similar to many startup events and accelerators, TechPeaks is no exception and the most of the people here are […]

Youcognize and the Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

When you are a service that stores user data, privacy and security is the priority. These concerns quadrupled when you work with sensitive health information. More than half of the Internet has been affected by the security bug in OpenSSL protocol that attackers could use to gain access to securely transferred data. An example would […]