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Sara at ATA 2015

What is the value of Telemedicine? Sara: “Telemedicine opens opportunities for providers to reach more patients and improve the patient experience, especially among those in remote areas, or who face mobility challenges. As the founding dean of the new Dell Medical School in Austin, Dr. S. Claiborne Johnston says, ‘the flu shouldn’t require a [face […]

Igor at ATA 2015

What is the value of Telemedicine? Igor: “Telemedicine has revolutionized the notion of how convenient, effective, and cheap health care can be. We started with eliminating the need to travel from rural locations to large cities for rudimentary care, compensating for physician shortages around the U.S. and worldwide. We’ve allowed patients to check-in with clinical […]

Mentegram, ATA and Telemedicine.

What do you do when you live in one of America’s mountainous regions and there isn’t a doctor for miles to treat a health-related emergency? Thankfully, most of us never have to worry about such a scenario, but for millions in the U.S. and worldwide, medical services are far away from their homes. This alone […]

Responding To Disaster

Unfortunately, the current topic circulating in the news is the Germanwings disaster. The news reports are coming in daily with varying angles and commentary, most of which are taking a particularly dim view of mental health as a whole. But how should we respond?


5 Reasons Why Remote Patient Monitoring Is Better

As modest as the concept seems, remote patient monitoring (RPM) is quite expansive, revolutionizing healthcare in not just the chronic care field, but in the mental and behavioral healthcare space, as well. Remote patient monitoring is a type of client engagement, whereby clients use a mobile device such as a cell phone to share developments […]


There is indeed a beauty in the act of reflection. Taking a step back and washing over an event with a keen mental eye can help reveal things that are bothering us, and even help us find solutions to long-term problems. Journaling follows that same concept. Though still being explored as a therapeutic practice, journaling […]


Our March 25th Update

Over the last few months, we have received some great feedback from everyone and we have listened! We will be releasing a huge update to Mentegram tomorrow. Below is a quick summary of the most noticeable changes.

Mentegram, Meet SXSW Interactive.

South-By-Southwest (SXSW) is known worldwide as one of America’s biggest and grandest music and film festivals, however there is a complete side of the celebration that is alive, beaming with some of technology’s greatest minds and ideas – SXSW Interactive, a celebration Mentegram is honored to be a part of in 2015.