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NEW: Introducing Client Portal for Mentegram Notes

You have heard from just about everywhere that emails aren’t secure enough for communication with the clients, while calling back and forth at every occasion is quite overwhelming. We believe that you want to spend as little time on managing your practice as possible. Instead, you’d rather do what you love and stay focused on […]


Launching Mentegram Notes for Small Mental Health Practices

Mentegram was born from void between care providers and people suffering from depression, substance abuse and other mental illnesses to make sure those people never have to face their condition alone. We have spent the past three years building the solution that allows both smaller and larger providers screen and assess their patients and clients […]

Introducing Mentegram partnership with TherapyEverywhere

Mentegram was born from the void between clinicians and the patients they treat for depression, substance use disorders, and other chronic medical illness.  To ensure that patients never have to face their illness alone, Mentegram helps doctors and therapists create personalized treatment plans using smartphone and other technology.  This in turn reliable improves both patient […]

How Mentegram helps increase practice revenue

  Psychiatrists and psychotherapists running their own practices are constantly faced with the constraints of a busy schedule. Instead of spending time with their patients, most providers are inundated with paperwork and documentation.  With limitations on time dedicated to direct patient care, patient outcomes suffer as to practice economics. We have good news for you! […]

Healthcare Technology Advancements we can all look forward to in 2016

While a range of technological advancements are made each year, not all of them are able to provide any benefit to the medical industry. However, there are a few advances that have been made with regards to technology and devices that will be of much help to doctors, nurses and patients, some of which will be discussed […]

Meet our new Chief Medical Officer – Jacob L. Freedman, MD

Mentegram is growing and we are beyond excited that we have found Jacob, our new Chief Medical Officer. He is a board-certified psychiatrist practicing in Massachusetts and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine. Since completing his training at Harvard Medical School, he has served as both a healthcare and a risk-management […]

Infographics: How To Face Seasonal Depression

It is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s great to see and be around family and old friends, attend parties. The spirit of giving is more present than ever. With all this excitement though, the pressure sets in to do as much as possible in your already tight schedule and before you know […]