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4 Ways to Stay Motivated During Recovery

This is a guest post by Adam Cook from Addiction Hub. Ok, so you’ve made the decision to choose your life over your addiction. It’s a great first step. It’s not an easy decision to make, and it is one that will come with many challenges and triumphs, as well as a few setbacks and […]

NEW: Quick Patient Assessment Through Mentegram Dashboard

One of our goals is to help you, as clinicians, to improve your productivity. I’m sure that you don’t want to spend too much time on paperwork. Who does, right? Assessing your patients’ mental health conditions without Mentegram usually involves paper, manual scoring and wasting 5 to 10 minutes that you could spend working with […]


NEW: Mentegram Notes <3 Online Therapy

By now, I am sure that you have heard all about online therapy and how it can be a valuable tool for your private or small practice. Years ago, this would have seemed like something for the next generation, but new technology has brought this innovative experience to the forefront. Needless to say, we are excited that […]


Mentegram in Primary Care: Our Customer Story

Mentegram has started reaching outside of the pure mental health settings. The first customer is My Doctor Medical Group, a medical practice from San Francisco. They specialize in providing primary care, as well as addiction treatment, urgent calls and other services vital to a patient’s recovery. Their doctors, led by Dr. Paul Abramson who is […]


NEW: Treatment Plans with Mentegram Notes

Step by step, we are making Mentegram Notes one-stop shopping for every therapist. Even though some really big things require a lot of work, we don’t want you to keep waiting for too long for our newest additions! We like to release our latest products as soon as they’re ready, and that’s why our new […]


Copy, save and delete templates in Mentegram

Instrument templates in Mentegram is one of the features that our customers love the most. The library of public templates provides you with over 40 instruments that you can use with your patients and clients in one click. The private library allows the clinicians and organizations the ability to create their own templates that they […]


Attach files to your intake form with Mentegram Notes

Our goal with Mentegram Notes is to help you run a paperless practice, whether it’s through therapy notes, client intake or billing. We keep getting closer to this goal every month. Mentegram Notes now allows you to skip paper when writing therapy notes and scheduling appointments, as well as doing a simple intake. The intake […]