Our goal with Mentegram Notes is to help you run a paperless practice, whether it’s through therapy notes, client intake or billing. We keep getting closer to this goal every month. Mentegram Notes now allows you to skip paper when writing therapy notes and scheduling appointments, as well as doing a simple intake. The intake process with Mentegram Notes is very quick and smooth, but it doesn’t allow you to collect all information… yet. While we want to digitize everything and give clients an opportunity to electronically sign all intake documents, there is still a long journey ahead. Today, however, is the day when we are getting one step closer.

As a nice and simple workaround to not having your clients fill out the long forms during the first session, Mentegram Notes allows you to attach any document to the intake form, for example, an HIPAA consent. That way, the client can easily print them, fill them out at home and bring the signed document to the first session. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

Attach document to intake form

Why don’t you go ahead and try it right now?

You may be asking why we want the clients to print these forms when our goal is to help you run a paperless practice. And it’s a great question. Instead of working for 6 months and bringing you a software that will be completely different from what you are used to using right now, we have decided to keep adding small changes. Each of the changes will improve your workflow a little bit each time. This will ensure that will not struggle with getting used to using complicated software with many options that are difficult to figure out you have no idea what to do with. It also gives us an opportunity to easily understand what your biggest challenges are and how to prioritize our development.

I’m excited that we have built a simple EHR for small mental health practices that really works. I’m also very grateful to our users and customers for providing us with the feedback that helped us build this software.

2017 is going to be big for us. Our vision goes beyond helping you run a paperless practice. We want to be the only therapy software that you will ever need for your practice. How amazing would that be?