HIPAA compliance is tricky and complicated. Really, it’s a headache. Today, I want to mention Accountable (www.accountablehq.com), a recently-launched service that make dealing with HIPAA a little easier.

feature1The part I find the trickiest about HIPAA is not ensuring that the data on all the equipment is safe, secure, and protected. Rather, what I find the most frustrating is managing staff trainings, business associate agreement, audits, and other paper-trails. I would love to think that most of HIPAA compliance is making personal health information safer; instead I spend most time documenting all the little steps we took to make it safe. I motivate myself to do this administrative work by imagining a stern face of an auditor from OCR, and me presenting all of these documents saying “Sir, look at all of this, I do take my responsibility seriously, look at everything we have done.”

Accountable takes the pain out of managing this documentation and updating it regularly. It keeps track of risk assessment, staff trainings, policies and procedures, and even your BAAs. All of these documents are conveniently organized in a secure cloud-based database. The service ensures all the paperwork has been compiled and every staff-member is trained. It even reminds you when risk assessments, trainings, or other documents need attention. The service is led by Kevin (the CEO) and Keith (the Lawyer). I recently talked to Kevin in Austin, and his passion for making HIPAA compliance easier was palpable. You have to pay for the service (starting at $99 a month), but it is worth it.

Needless to say, Youcognize is using Accountable as we ready our initial compliance documents and plan to rely on it to keep our compliance current. I strongly encourage you to check them out as well.

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