This is a guest post by Adam Cook from Addiction Hub. Ok, so you’ve made the decision to choose your life over your addiction. It’s a great first step. It’s not an easy decision to make, and it is one that will come with many challenges and triumphs, as well as a few setbacks and […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is now reimbursing Social Workers for using evidence-based assessments with their clients. Previous years have seen insurers begin to appreciate the value of screening and assessing their patients for mental illness. Therefore it is no surprise that such practices are now becoming financially-incentivized by BCBS as these measures lead […]

Even though we have entered a time in which the stigma generally associated with mental illness has lifted, the battle isn’t over. In fact, a large majority of people have no idea how to even talk about it. Have you ever been at a business or social gathering and heard someone saying things that are […]

If you’re a therapist, have you ever considered some of the things other therapists might want to tell their patients? If f you’re the patient, however, have you ever wondered what your therapist might be thinking? We are very excited to share our latest guest post, which has been featured on Consumer Health Digest. Consumer […]

Thankfully, we seem to be finally emerging into an era where some of the stigma relating to mental illness is beginning to fade. Nowadays, when an individual feels that therapy might help a particular situation, an appointment with a therapist is typically made. However, as a patient, how can you tell when your therapy actually […]