5 Top Apps for Primary Care Physicians in 2017

Mentegram Shadow

Technology is so important these days, touching every aspect of our lives. However, it is become nearly irreplaceable in the healthcare industry, where everyone, from physicians to office personnel, depends on technology to provide the best possible care to their patients in a timely, efficient manner. This is especially the case for primary care physicians, […]

The Price is Right!

As The Chief Medical Officer at Mentegram, my goal is to develop new tools to help clinicians help their patients. Outside of this, my other job is working as a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist in a busy private practice. Therefore I know how important it is to use technology in the workplace to make my […]


NEW: Treatment Plans with Mentegram Notes


Step by step, we are making Mentegram Notes one-stop shopping for every therapist. Even though some really big things require a lot of work, we don’t want you to keep waiting for too long for our newest additions! We like to release our latest products as soon as they’re ready, and that’s why our new […]

Meet Traci Ruble, CEO of Psyched in San Francisco


At Mentegram, we love to provide helpful, valuable content for our readers, whether it be for therapists already utilizing our products or for those who simply find our articles and posts beneficial in some way. Mentegram not only bridges the gap between therapists and their patients, but we also hope to create a platform for […]


Copy, save and delete templates in Mentegram

Instrument templates in Mentegram is one of the features that our customers love the most. The library of public templates provides you with over 40 instruments that you can use with your patients and clients in one click. The private library allows the clinicians and organizations the ability to create their own templates that they […]